Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift Ideas for Kids

Finding the perfect gift for the kids in your life can be difficult, especially when you want something that doesn't involve a screen.

It seems like the Top 10 Gifts for Kids are always gadgets or individual activities that don't leave a lot of room for social interaction. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we should be seeking out social activities that bring us closer together (within our social bubbles). 

That being said, where do you start looking?

Answer: Here.

You've found us! 

If you're looking for a unique gift that unplugs your kids for a little bit, you've come to the right place! Our colouring cookies are just what they need.

Gift Ideas for Kids Colouring Cookies

What are colouring cookies?

We like to say that our innovative colouring cookies are the perfect "snack-tivity" - an activity and snack all in one. 

Simply put, they're cookie you can colour on!

We bake our perfectly soft sugar cookies and hand ice each one to create the perfect canvas to colour on. Then we print on stencils with edible ink to create the black-and-white colouring designs you see here:

Gift Ideas for Kids Colouring Cookies

Let the fun begin!

With our edible ink markers, you can colour in the designs until your heart is content! 

We have two sets of markers to choose from - our Neon Edible Ink Marker Pack:

Neon Edible Ink Marker Pack

and our Primary Edible Ink Marker Pack:

Both marker packs come with 5 double sided colours, each with a thick and thin tip so your kids can be as broad stroked or as detailed as they please!

Special for the holidays, we have 3 different colouring cookie packs you can choose from: our Let It Snow Colouring Cookie Pack, our Santa Claus Colouring Cookie Pack, and our Woodland Colouring Cookie Pack. 

Each colouring cookie pack includes 10 individually packaged cookies (each with its own unique design) & your choice of our neon or primary edible ink marker packs!

With our edible ink markers, you can bring out that inner artist and colour inside, outside, around the really doesn't matter because it's all going to taste amazing in the end! 

Does that not sounds like the best Christmas gift for kids? Family fun and delicious dessert all in one. 

Plus you can freeze the cookies for up to a year, so you don't have to colour them all at once. 

Not going to be with your loved ones for the holidays? We ship all across Canada so we'll be able to deliver some sweetness to them no matter how far ❤️



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