🍂 Fall Fun & Food Play + Halloween Colouring Cookie Kits!

🍂  Fall Fun & Food Play + Halloween Colouring Cookie Kits!

Where’re my homebody's at?! It's sweater weather and that means it's time to cozy up on the couch and read a good book. Oops... we forgot one thing: There will once again be little people IN our house instead of playing outside (cue sibling fights here). So, we've come up with a few ideas to keep our kiddos busy.

#1. 🍪 Halloween Cookie Kit - Open It. Colour It. Eat It. Repeat.

Our favourite activity (of course) is playing with food, and the Sweetness way is parent friendly (aka. no prep, no mess). Want it? You got it - Shop Now! 🛒

#2. Marshmallow Ghost Roast - You heard right! Using your edible ink markers, draw faces on a large marshmallow and roast it. Your little can watch the marshmallow roast and it looks like a ghost. Spooky!!

🤔 Don't have edible ink markers? Skip back to activity #1, Order Now and enjoy your ghost roast later!

#3. Fall Scavenger Hunt - This never gets old, and you know we’re parents here too because we added pictures!! Now you can just wonder along with your cup of, ahem, coffee… and let your kids do all the work! (No reading needed here!)

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We'll just be sitting over here, colouring cookies.👋

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