Holiday Macarons

Holiday Macarons

If you have someone on your list that is next to impossible to buy for, here's an idea: a Gift Box of Macarons. Original, thoughtful and decadently delicious. 

Our macarons come in our premium gift boxes of varying sizes and are all gluten-free. Plus we ship all across Canada!

What makes them the best gift of all? Our Holiday Macaron Collection flavours are only available until Christmas! We rotate our flavours every month to keep things fresh and exciting, so these flavours are limited-time. 

Not sold yet? Here's a little description of what's inside each of our exclusive holiday macaron flavours...

Remember, they're all gluten free!

Candy Cane Macaron:

Candy Cane Macaron

White chocolate peppermint Swiss meringue buttercream with crushed candy cane pieces.

Irish cream Hot Cocoa Macaron:

Irish cream Hot Cocoa Macaron

Hot chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream with an Irish cream flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream centre (non-alcoholic). 

Sugar Cookie Macaron:

Sugar Cookie Macaron

Cookie dough flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream with a chunk of gluten-free sprinkle cookie dough in the centre. Look at that chunk of cookie dough!  

Cinnamon Roll Macaron:

 Cinnamon roll macaron

Cinnamon sugar Swiss meringue buttercream with a pieces of gluten-free cinnamon bun (that we make from scratch) in the centre.

Gingersnap Macaron:

Gingersnap macaron

Brown sugar gingerbread Swiss meringue buttercream with a gluten-free gingersnap cookie centre. 

Turtles Macaron:

Turtles Macaron

Chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream with salted caramel center sprinkled with pecans and drizzled with dark chocolate. 

Eggnog Macaron:

Eggnog macaron

Eggnog infused Swiss meringue buttercream with our adorable sweater design printed with edible ink on each shell. 

If you're drooling over your screen right now, you might want to know that we also offer a Monthly Macaron Subscription. Our new macaron flavours delivered right to your door every month. Never miss a flavour again!

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