How We Chose the Celebs for Our "Eye Candy" Macaron Box

How We Chose the Celebs for Our

If you're reading this, you're probably feeling one of two things - curiosity or outrage. 

That's because the celebrities included in our Eye Candy Box are either your cup of tea, or you feel like you've been robbed of true beauty. 

The biggest obstacle of picking only 7 of the most attractive celebrities was just that - everyone has different tastes.

Take our bakers for example - the HOURS spent debating (and at times playfully yelling) about who should be "in" and who should be "out" was unreal. 

This is why we took it to the polls. We needed your help to determine who made it on a macaron.

We consulted everyone who follows us on social media and asked, "Who is your top celebrity crush?"

We were not prepared for the results. 

HUNDREDS of you responded. It was incredible! We had suggestions ranging from Idris Elba to Zack Efron, John Travolta to Paul Rudd, Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lopez. 

To be completely fair, we tallied all of the votes and came up with a top 14 list based on your suggestions. (As you'll see below).

Next, we held rounds of voting to see who would win a spot on a macaron. This is where you absolutely blew us away.

THOUSANDS of you voted. And as you will see some of the face-offs were REALLY close. 

Here are the actual results from our polls:

Round 1: Michael or Gerard?

Winner: Michael B. Jordan!

Round 2: Channing or Ryan?

Winner: Ryan Gosling (good ol' Canadian)!

Round 3: Blake or Henry?

Winner: Blake Lively!

Round 4: Chris or Regé-Jean?

Winner: Chris Hemsworth!

Round 5: Idris or Rachel?

Winner: Rachel McAdams!

Round 6: Brad or Jason?

Winner: Brad Pitt (not by much though)

Last and Final Round: Ryan or Chris?

Winner: Ryan Gosling (by a hair)!

And there you have it. Our completed hot celebrity box.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite celebrity and brought peace back to our kitchen. 

And if you're still not at peace with who was selected, make sure you follow us on Instagram to be sure your voice is heard next year 🗳 


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