Top 5 Ways to Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Gifting Game

Top 5 Ways to Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Gifting Game

Valentine's Day 2020

If you’re wondering what to get her (or him) for Valentine’s Day, look no further. Abandon popular belief, because the way to everyone’s heart is not through their stomach, but through their sweet tooth.

#5. Mix & Match Individual Edible Image Lollipops and Cookies

If you’re new to the love scene and don’t know exactly what your partner’s tastes are, we got you covered. We have mix & match lollipops and sugar cookies with an array of messages so you can throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

 #4. Boozy Lollipops

Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend definitely did not try boozy lollipops before. Our gourmet oversized lollipops are as delicious as they are beautiful. We have 3 flavours: Prosecco, Rose and the piece de resistance, our Cherry Liquor Lolli made with Black Diamond’s Tart Cherry Liquor.

 #3. Play Series

For the date night in, your best option is the Valentine’s Play Series. A dessert and activity all in one. You get 10 hand iced signature Sweetness sugar cookies with adorable Valentine’s Day designs that you and your partner can colour to your hearts desire. Plus, exclusively for Valentine’s Day, we made half of the cookies chocolate instead of just the standard vanilla because let’s face it, chocolate means love.

#2. Macaron Gift Box

If you want to go for more of a romantic gift, we suggest putting your heart on your sleeve with our decadent Macaron Gift Box. Seven unique, exclusive flavours  If you want the love to last longer, we also have you covered. All of our macaron gift boxes are eligible for subscriptions! Three month, 6 month, heck, extend it to a year – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!   

#1. “Candy Hearts” Signature Sugar Cookie Gift Boxes

For a more personal touch, customize your box of Candy Heart Sugar Cookies to say exactly what’s on your mind. Plus, just for Valentine’s Day, we introduced our Signature Chocolate Sugar Cookie! Truly drool-worthy and just the right amount of chocolate-y goodness, they are featured right alongside our famous vanilla sugar cookies.

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