LUXE Lollipops

Not just for kids!

Not your everyday lollis! Our *NEW* line of lollipops - the LUXE LINE - features unique flavours complimented with edible flowers, glitter and dehydrated fruits.

Always Gluten Free...and Vegan!

We ship across Canada! 

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  • One individually packaged lollipop in your chosen design. Sweetness lollipops are OVERSIZED and measure approx. 2.25" diameter. 

    LOLLIPOP FLAVOURS: Blueberry Marshmallow; Peach Rose; Raspberry Lime, Watermelon Sea Salt
  • Lollipops come individually bagged and sealed (no ribbon). 
    As our lollipops are preservative free, they are best enjoyed within 3 weeks of receiving them; however, they may last longer depending on individual humidity levels, proper storage and other factors.
  • All lollipops will be ready to SHIP or be available for pickup 2-4 business days after your order has been placed.
  • Lollipops are available to be shipped anywhere in Canada - please see our Shipping Information for estimated transit times. Orders local to Edmonton can pick up at our manufacturing facility at 11486 Winterburn Rd. or choose local delivery
  • Lollipop Base Ingredients: Sugar, filtered water, corn syrup, artificial & natural flavouring, citric acid, canola oil spray (modified palm oil, coconut oil, SOY lecithin, rosemary extract). Contains one or more of the following colours: Brilliant Blue FCF, Indigotine, Sunset Yellow FCF, Tartrazine, Erythrosine, Allura Red. 

    Our lollipops are made with a variety of edible flower petals, dehydrated fruit, glitter and sprinkles. 
    All of our lollipops are GLUTEN FREE; however, we do produce other products in our kitchen that use wheat. We do our best but there is always the risk of cross-contamination.
    Our kitchen is peanut free, but we do NOT guarantee our products have not come into contact with peanuts as we use a variety of other nuts.

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