Monthly Macaron Subscription

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Calling all macaron lovers

Never miss out on a speciality flavour ever again! Every month receive our NEW feature flavours that we've meticulously developed and tested (it's a tough job but somebody has to do it).

Give as a gift (the gift that keeps on giving), surprise your staff with a delivery each month. Treat yo' don't need a reason to buy macarons...

Our macarons are always and forever gluten free*
Please see our Subscription Terms & Conditions for important information.

    Your first subscription box of macarons will be shipped/ready for pickup from our manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta on the next available shipping/pickup date after your order is received. Your following orders will ship/be ready for pickup approximately 1 month from the initial shipment. 

    You will be charged monthly for the duration of your macaron subscription. Your initial payment will go through on the day you sign up. Subsequent payments will be billed the first week of the month.

    You are able to pause your macaron subscription (vacation anyone?!) and cancel any time after your 3rd month (if you subscribe for a 6 or 12 month subscription). *Please note 3 month subscriptions are unable to cancel*

    Sweetness macarons are always and forever gluten free!

    Macarons should be stored in the refrigerator upon receiving them and are best consumed within 4-6 days. They can also be frozen for up to 6 months. 

    Our gluten free macarons are made by hand in our facility in Edmonton, Alberta. 

    All of our macarons are gluten free; however, they are manufactured in a facility that contains gluten. We are extremely cautious (the owners daughter is celiac) but we cannot guarantee they have not come into contact with gluten. 

    All our macarons include almonds, eggs & the majority of them contain a variety of milk products (butter, milk, cream etc). Our kitchen is peanut free, but we do NOT guarantee our macarons have not come into contact with peanuts as we use a variety of other nuts.

    Please contact us for a list of ingredients/allergens specific to each flavour.

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    Feel confident shipping your sweets across Canada! Our packaging was specifically designed to protect our sweets during travel.


    Using fresh, premium ingredients, we take pride in curating sweets that literally taste as good as they look.


    The most delicious macarons I have ever had. I have never been a fan of macarons, but these are a game changer.

    Janet Swatincson

    Sweetness is hands down, without a doubt the best place to get your sweet treats! Their macarons are decadent and the cookies are to die for! My kids have a blast with the coloring cookies!

    Katie Werry