Luxury Lollipops - Blueberry Marshmallow
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Luxury Lollipops - Blueberry Marshmallow

Luxury Lollipops - Blueberry Marshmallow

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Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lolli

Our luxury oversized Blueberry Marshmallow lollipop is accented with edible glitter and sprinkles for a little extra sweetness. A fan favourite of both kids and adults! 

Lollipops come individually wrapped and are vegan & gluten free* (see allergen tab below). Sweetness lollipops are OVERSIZED and measure approx. 2.25" diameter. 

    Our colouring cookies and gluten free macarons will be ready to SHIP or be available for pickup 1-3 business days after your order has been placed. If your order is a PRE-ORDER, the dates are specified that the product will be available for pickup/shipping/delivery.

    Colouring cookies, gluten free macarons and lollipops ship from our manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta. 

    Please take into consideration shipping time on top of our production time. Please click here for all information regarding shipping, delivery and pickup information for our cookies, macarons and lollipops. 

    Our cookies, macarons and lollipops are are manufactured by hand at our facility in Edmonton, Alberta and are preservative free!

    Lollipops come individually bagged and sealed (no ribbon). 
    As our lollipops are preservative free, they are best enjoyed within 6-8 weeks of receiving them; however, they may last longer depending on individual humidity levels, proper storage and other factors.

    Our lollipops contain soy. All of our lollipops are GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN; however, we do produce other products in our kitchen that use wheat. We do our best but there is always the risk of cross-contamination.

    Our kitchen is peanut free, but we do NOT guarantee our products have not come into contact with peanuts as we use a variety of other nuts.

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    Feel confident shipping your sweets across Canada! Our packaging was specifically designed to protect our sweets during travel.


    Using fresh, premium ingredients, we take pride in curating sweets that literally taste as good as they look.

    Why Sweetness?

    The most delicious macarons I have ever had. I have never been a fan of macarons, but these are a game changer.

    Janet Swatincson

    Sweetness is hands down, without a doubt the best place to get your sweet treats! Their macarons are decadent and the cookies are to die for! My kids have a blast with the coloring cookies!

    Katie Werry