About Us

Welcome to Sweetness! We are a boutique bakery specializing in creating unique and personalized cookies, macarons and works of “Edible Art”! Their stunning visual appeal will draw you in, but their delicate and delicious taste will leave you wanting more. We are authentic and don’t believe in taking shortcuts; we bake all our products fresh, from scratch, with the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible. Each cookie is hand cut and iced Just. For. You.

We strive to create a personalized experience which brings people together through the power of creative, unique, and undeniably delicious cookies! We absolutely love what we do, and that passion is visible in the quality of our products and the exceptional service we provide. Our cookies are simply our way of spreading happiness, love and excitement!

Kristy Goodrow, founder and co-owner, is driven by a passion to try new things and in 2011 when a friend asked her if she would take a hobby cake decorating class with her, she jumped at the opportunity. Cake decorating eventually evolved to sugar cookies and since then she has continued to grow and master her techniques. She started selling cookies to family and friends in 2014 and by word of mouth, she was busier than she ever could have imagined! Her love for decorating cookies combined with her education in Commerce seemed to be the perfect recipe, and a dream of starting a company was sparked. Kristy’s sister-in-law, Mary Carrier, has a love for baking and was always helping out with orders whenever needed. Jokingly, Kristy suggested she quit her job and come bake cookies with her instead! Mary’s passion and precision for baking combined with Kristy’s love for decorating and eye for detail, got the wheels turning and eventually led to Mary leaving her 7 year career as an Electrical Engineering Technologist, and the beginning of family-run Sweetness!

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