About Us

 Meet the Owners
 Kristy & Chris Goodrow

We don't believe in taking ourselves too seriously at Sweetness, and how could we when we're surrounded by sweets all day long?

family, cookies, mess free, cookie decorating, easy cookie recipes

Kristy graduated with her Bachelor of Commerce in 2009 and founded Sweetness in 2014 out of a licensed kitchen in her basement. She juggled having three children in three and a half years on top of growing demand for her business. It was stressful to say the least but with the support from friends and family, she expanded to a manufacturing facility in 2018 and where Sweetness is headed is exactly what she had dreamed.

Chris worked behind the scenes from the beginning but in 2019 he joined the team full time. He wears multiple hats (one being because he's so tall he can reach alll the things) but most importantly he is head of sales and he runs our wholesaling and fundraising programs. Fun fact: Chris is the only male at Sweetness, ask him how he feels about it.