Fun & Free Things To Do!

Play hopscotch

Draw roads with chalk on the driveway to play cars

Make your own popsicles

Feed the ducks (duck friendly food here)

Find a new playground

Take a subway ride to get a slurpee

Have a tea party in the backyard (colouring cookies are a sweet addition and provide entertainment!)

Visit your local public library

Visit a skate park

Go tobogganing

Build bird feeders for your backyard - click here

What Are Colouring Cookies?

Colouring cookies are sugar cookies with royal icing and unique images printed directly on the icing. You can colour these cookies with 100% edible ink markers and host a convenient and mess-free cookie decorating day! They're also great party activities and gifts. They're the ultimate snacktivity.

Colouring Cookie Collection

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